Best Professional Salon Hair Dyes

Best Professional Salon Hair Dyes

Salon Hair Dyes: Achieve Professional Results with the Best Products

Getting a professional hair dye job is a great way to change your look, but it’s not something that should be taken lightly. For the best results, you need to go to a professional stylist who has the skills and expertise to choose the right color, apply it correctly, and ensure that your hair stays healthy. And to achieve that perfect color, the right salon hair dyes are essential.

At Reflection Beauty Supply, we understand the importance of using high-quality hair dyes. That’s why we carry a wide range of professional hair dyes from some of the best brands in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a permanent color, a toner, or a gentle, ammonia-free option, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of our top salon hair dyes and what makes them stand out.

Colorianne Shine

Colorianne Shine is a semi-permanent hair color that offers long-lasting shine and vibrant color. It’s perfect for those who want to add a pop of color to their hair without the commitment of a permanent dye. This unique formula contains argan oil and keratin to nourish and strengthen the hair, while the micro-pigments ensure that the color lasts for up to 20 washes.

One of the standout features of Colorianne Shine is its versatility. It can be used as a standalone color or mixed with other shades to create a custom look. And with over 40 shades to choose from, including pastels and vivid colors, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to go bold or just add a subtle hint of color, Colorianne Shine is a great option.

Colorianne Prestige Tone on Tone 20 Minutes Color (No Ammonia)

Colorianne Prestige Tone on Tone is a great choice for those who want a gentle, ammonia-free hair color. This permanent dye contains no ammonia and covers up to 70% of gray. It is also formulated to nourish the hair. It’s perfect for those who have sensitive scalps or want to avoid harsh chemicals. Hydro gloss technology complex, which is infused with hydrating molecules, provides the hair with a guaranteed shine and luminosity. The special formula ensures intense highlights, wash resistance and color stability that last overtime. Colorianne Prestige tone on tone is indicated for masking first grays up to 70%. Should the percentage of gray hair be greater than 70% we recommend applying Colorianne Prestige. Colorianne Prestige Tone on ToneIs also recommended to tone colored or bleached hair.

One of the unique features of Colorianne Prestige Tone on Tone is its quick processing time. It only takes 20 minutes to develop, so you can achieve beautiful, long-lasting color without spending hours in the salon. With a wide range of shades to choose from, including natural-looking browns and blondes, you can find the perfect color to enhance your clients natural beauty.

Stay tuned for the next section where we will discuss more permanent hair dyes for professionals available at Reflection Beauty Supply.

Colorianne Prestige Pure series

For those who want a permanent pre-ashed hair color, that’s gentle on the hair, Colorianne Prestige Pure is a great option. This dye is formulated to strengthen and protect the hair, as well as to nourish and add shine. With little ammonia or PPD, it’s gentle enough for even the most sensitive scalps.

One of the benefits of Colorianne Prestige Pure is its excellent gray coverage. It’s perfect for those who want to cover up clients' gray hair or enhance their natural color with a perfect beautiful ash look. With a wide range of natural shades to choose from, including rich browns and intense blondes, you can find the perfect color to suit your clients style.

Colorianne Prestige Permanent Hair Color with Q-10

Colorianne Prestige is a permanent hair dye enhancer that is a great choice for those who want to enhance their natural color. This permanent hair dye contains quinoa protein and argan oil to nourish and protect the hair, as well as Q-10 to help prevent damage and reduce signs of aging.

Dermatologically tested: Colorianne Prestige has undergone dermatological and clinical tests at leading universities. Color and prestige has been applied on 25 subjects of 18 to 65 years of age to evaluate eventual skin reactions, irritation, swelling, or itching.

Protection: Colorianne Prestige contains natural phytofilters obtained from various plants and especially from Bowab leaves. They assure effective hair protection from UVA and UVB rays exposure and prevent they're damaging effects. Helps hair color appear brighter, and last longer unaltered hair fiber is More resistant.

Anti-aging: Colorianne Prestige contains Q 10 call enzyme, and its formula which has an important anti-free radicals function and effective anti-oxidizing action resulting in hair's aging to be delayed and its external aspect is noticeably better.

Light reflecting pigments: Colerain prestige in one HI-TECH, pigment formula, associates, innovative, oxidizing colors, with some exclusive, pigments capable of reflecting light thus enhancing the color applied. It's minimal content of ammonia and light perfume, make the application, pleasant, securing a uniform, brilliance and silky coloration, and the total protection of the hair is why this is a hair stylist favorite

Easy to use: 1:1 mixing ratio unless working with reds. Mixing ratio then becomes 1:1.5 With a range of shades to choose from, including natural-looking browns and intense blacks, you can find the perfect color to suit your skin tone and style.

Colorianne Essence

Colorianne Essence is a permanent hair color that’s perfect for those who want to achieve intense, vibrant color. This dye contains all the same benefits as Colorianne Prestige to nourish and strengthen the hair, as well as micro-pigments that ensure long-lasting, fade-resistant color.

0% AMMONIA: eliminating the uncomfortable chemical odors 0% PARABENS: eliminating the side effects of outdated preservatives 0% PPD: eliminates the Aggressive properties of this controversial ingredient 0% RESORCINOL: eliminates the uncomfortable side effects of this activator component

Achieve 100% gray coverage for your clients with better comfort, innovative, and non-aggressive formula with added plant extracts for a more soothing process. Essence features a micro molecular technology using micro pigments, which easily penetrate the cuticle and together with the activator, the micro pigment becomes embedded to create a longer lasting richer color.

Essence gives the client a more precise depth of color with a richer intensity and brilliance with reducing the uncomfortable side effects when using conventional permanent colors. Essence formula is inspired by hair conditioning technology to allow for a conditioning effect as you color. The antioxidant components (aspalatina), rich in flavonoids, assist in protecting color as it renders a moisturizing anti-aging effect to Hair. This helps ensure colors longevity and shine. Essence technology assists in creating balanced color true to the shade chart while avoiding excess pigment delivering pure, intense and vibrant long lasting shades. With a wide range of shades to choose from, including bright reds and intense purples, you can create a truly unique look that reflects your clients personal style.

At Reflection Beauty Supply, we believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful. That’s why we carry a wide range of salon hair dyes that are perfect for achieving professional-quality results at home or in the salon. Visit our website to browse our full selection and find the perfect color for you.

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